Privacy policy

FSA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: the Company) strives to protect personal information by establishing a personal information protection policy as below, as well as establishing mechanisms for the protection of personal information and instructing all of its employees on the importance of the protection of personal information and how to perform it.

Management of personal information

The Company, in order to safely manage personal information and keep it accurate and up to date, while preventing unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakages, etc., maintains a security system, operates under an information management system, and performs any other necessary actions such as instructing its employees.

Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information we receive from our customers is used by the Company to contact them through e-mail or other methods regarding advice on our services, replies to the customers' questions, etc.

Prohibition of disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties

The company will use the utmost care in managing the customers' personal information, and, except in the following cases, will not disclose this information with third parties.

  1. In case the customer gives consent
  2. In case it is necessary to disclose the customer's information to a business partner in order to provide the customer with the service they desire
  3. In case laws or regulations require that the information is disclosed

Safety measures for personal information

The Company has several measures in place to ensure that the personal information it manages stays accurate and safe.

Inquiries from the information owner

In case a customer wants to inquire about their own information or have it corrected or deleted, we will comply after making certain that the request is indeed coming from the owner of that information.

Compliance with laws and regulations - Revisions

The Company abides by all Japanese laws and applicable regulations on the protection of personal information, as well as by this policy. The Company, in order to improve this policy, will review and revise it as needed.


Please use the following contacts for any inquiries related to the handling of personal information in our company.

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